TRX Education for Fitness Professionals

TRX Education for Fitness Professionals

Fitness professionals can take advantage of the comprehensive TRX Education programme to maximise their training; appropriately scale exercises for clients of varying fitness levels, and design workouts tailored for each person.ssion…
The TRX movement-based training will provide a progressive approach to suspension training and the entire system of TRX Foundational Movement Coaching.

TRX courses cover the spectrum of everything from Foundational Movement standards with suspension training, to further development of trainer skills so they can integrate other training tools for individual clients and groups.

TRX Training courses are regularly staged, and will cover every level of this innovative modality to allow you to optimise both your own skill set and your clients’ fitness through resistance based multi-plane movement.

For further of TRX Training courses call 00353 1 807 5407 for more information.

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